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A Disability Civil Rights Law Firm

Lainey Feingold is a disability rights lawyer who works primarily with the blind and visually impaired community on technology and information access issues. She is nationally recognized for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements and for pioneering the collaborative advocacy and dispute resolution method known as Structured Negotiations. To learn more, please visit the about page.

In 2014 Lainey was honored with a California Lawyer of the Year award.

The most recent information posted on this website appears in the Recent News on this page. Earlier entries can be found by visiting the categories and archives pages, or by using the search feature.

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Recent News


Another Year of Digital Accessibility in Baseball

MLB LogoToday is Opening Day of the 2014 baseball season in the United States. It is the fifth opening day since Major League Baseball (MLB) first announced its commitment to accessibility. As always, the usability and accessibility of MLB’s digital content will be stronger if baseball fans with disabilities share their feedback with MLB.

CSUN 2014 Annual Legal Digital Accessibility Update

tool boxCurious about how the law has been used in the past year to increase access to print and digital information for people with disabilities? For many years Lainey Feingold and Linda Dardarian have done a Digital Accessibility Legal Update at the annual CSUN International Conference on Technology and People with Disabilities conference. This post summarizes the highlights from this year’s presentation and includes links to further information.

CVS Online Pharmacy Now Offers Talking Prescription Containers

prescription bottles The press release posted here announces that is now offering ScripTalk talking prescription labels to pharmacy customers with visual impairments. This announcement is the result of Structured Negotiations between CVS, the American Council of the Blind, the California Council of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind. The organizations were represented by Lainey Feingold and Linda Dardarian of the Oakland California civil rights firm Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho.

CVS Talking Prescription Container Settlement Agreement

CVS Pharmacy logoThis post contains the settlement agreement between CVS/pharmacy and the American Council of the Blind, the California Council of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind. CVS is now providing ScripTalk talking prescription labels through mail order to customers across the United States. The agreement was reached through Structured Negotiations; no lawsuit was needed. Along with the Law Office of Lainey Feingold, Linda Dardarian of Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho working with the blind organizations on this important health and safety initiative.

Free Credit Scores? Make Sure They’re Accessible

credit scoreThe New York Times recently reported that the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is urging credit card companies to give customers free copies of their credit scores. Credit reports have been free to U.S. Citizens since 2008. Scores should be available too. When they are, they need to be accessible to people who are blind and visually impaired. The CFPB should make it a requirement.

Separate is Not Equal: Good News for Grocery Delivery

On February 26, 2014, Safeway took an important step in meeting its goal of a fully usable digital experience for all customers. In a banner posted on its grocery delivery site, Safeway announced it was eliminating the separate text-only website it had maintained for many years. Eliminating the text-only site is part of Safeway’s commitment to making its main site accessible to all users.

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