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This list is for informational purposes only and inclusion does not imply endorsement by Lainey Feingold or the Law Office of Lainey Feingold. Links on this page will take you to web sites that may not have the same privacy or accessibility policies as this site. Please contact us if you know of a resource that you think should be added to this list.

Alternative Format Vendors

The following vendors, listed in alphabetical order, provide alternative formats for large financial and healthcare institutions and other entities. The vendors listed here have provided accessible formats pursuant to settlement agreements reached as a result of the Structured Negotiations process or are otherwise recommended. Alternative formats include braille, audio CD and MP3, accessible PDF and other electronic documents, and large print. Not all vendors provide all formats. Visit the Alternative Format Settlements Category to learn more about institutions who are providing their visually impaired customers with information they can read independently.

Accessible Information and Technology Centers and Organizations

You may also be interested in Digital Accessibility Consultants

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Architectural Accessibility Experts

U.S. Disability Rights Laws

There is a wealth of disability rights legal information on the Internet. Here is a sampling.

Disability Rights Organizations

United States


Digital (Web) Accessibility Consultants

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  • Digital Accessibility

    Digital (Web and Mobile) Accessibility Information on LFLegal

    You can find the following digital accessibility resources on this website (

    Digital Accessibility Resources

    Significant resources about web and mobile accessibility are available on the web. Here is a small sampling.

    Books about Web Accessibility

    Access to Books

    Structured Negotiation

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